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In the mid 70s I studied speech-and language therapy. I have a wealth of experience in this profession, and am fully able to understand the problems involved and can act accordingly. This study also gave me a wonderful base as a councellor. I also worked in special education and and taught at the College of Paramedical studies. Furthermore I started a clinical speech therapy departement in a hospital in ’s-Hertogenbosch and worked for several years with ENT-doctors and paediatricians.

In the 90’s I switched to training and coaching and joined Schouten and Nelissen, a large training and development agency, where I was given the opportunity to follow an internship. I gave presentation skills training, training in negociation and conflict management, and body-language work. Subsequently I worked in the areas of assertiveness and stress management using techniques from the Rational Effectiveness training (RET), in which I am trained and certified.

In 2000 in order to make the move towards more development and process work, I studied a special psychology course at the Institute for the Application of Social Studies (IAS-international). I was introduced to the schools of Gestallt, Transactional Analysis, System Theory and Group Relations. I was a member of a Group relations Conference at the Grubb Institute in London. Besides my role as a councellor at the time, I was trained in other roles, such as supervisor and coach (European certification).

The study of Energetic Body Work Training at the Institute for Applied Intergral Psychology (ITIP), taught me how to use one’s body, its strenghts and barriers, in the service of personal wisdom and growth.

At the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, I learned via a more holistic approach how to find more direction and purpose in one’s life. I discovered how silence, meditation, dance and art, music and movement, storytelling and writing, visualisation techniques and tai-chi can be an important a source of wisdom.

In the autumn of 2008 I took a Sabbatical period to reflect on my own direction in life and work. In this year I experienced silence in the desert, working in a hospice and a prison, and walking the Labyrinth in Chartres. In September 2009 I started (part-time) studying Theology in Nijmegen. In januari 2014 I got my bachelor degree  writing the thesis “Silence and God’s experiences”.

I took several courses in Intuitive learning in Utrecht ( CLI) and In the meantime I finished my education as a Mindfulness trainer. I worked for several years in Nijmegen at the Radboud Institute for Mindfulness and did research on the effects of Mindfulness with patients with cancer. As a follow up I worked in the Jeroen Bosch hospital with young docters and patients, also on the subject of Mindfulness.

Theology and spiritual care is now my main focus;  in september 2014 I switched from de Radboud University, Bachelor Theology. I learned from Peter Nissen and Thomas Quartier. For my master I went to the VU, Amsterdam, where I did my master Theology and Religious Studies, specialty Spiritual Care, olv. Eric de Jongh en Ruard Ganzevoort . In june 2016 I finished  my master thesis in the field of  reconciliation with destiny with longtime sentenced  prisoners, a research done in prison. Since my study is finished, I feel capable and confident to work with questions about coping with life, loss of purpose  and people’s search for meaning.